Why study for exams

How to study for a test? Before we dive into that question, let’s face some facts. Learning should not be painful and also does not have to be boring, although it’s usually both. However, it’s unnecessary going to be joyful, interesting, either. From time to time we often have to work our ass off to figure out something or get a job done.

It is also a fact that not everything is ready for you to easily understand. Confusion comes first. Pat yourself at the back that it’s perfectly normal and learn to get over it. Hell, you are dead wrong if you think that you are supposed to understand every sentence on the book the first time you read. Nobody can before he gets some background. It may be a subject that almost everyone is slow to learn, or a poorly written book to blame. A better way to study is to take your time, follow every step of the way, and remain calm that the light-bulb of understanding will eventually click on.

Parents often have one question in mind:” How can I motivate my teenager?” Well that is a millionaire question as a matter of fact. However, there is an answer, but it’s not something parents can do-it’s something you, the student, have to decide: Are you going to spend the school day interested and alert or bored and resentful?

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It’s really that simple. Since you have to go to school anyway, why not develop the attitude that you might as well be active and learn as much as possible instead of being miserable? The difference between a C and an A or B for many students is merely a matter of wanting to do better. Inevitably you will leave school, and very quickly, you will discover all everyone really cares about is what you know and what you can do. Grades won’t count anymore; neither will tests. So you can learn it all now or regret it later.

How many times have you asked yourself,” why must i bother to study this stupid calculus, algebra, language, chemistry or whatever. I swear I won’t use it again in the future.”? Unless you invented a fortune-telling machine, you’ll have no idea what you are going to need to know tomorrow or next week, let alone next year or in a decade.

So learn them all, and don’t be surprised that if the subject you would vote ” least likely to be ever useful” turns up to be the key to your success in life.