10 Valuable Techniques For Motivating Yourself to Study for Exams

10 Valuable Techniques For Motivating Yourself to Study for Exams

Motivating yourself to study for exams is essential for success. It is also vital to quit the habit to procrastinate in order to enable yourself to complete studying for an examination, in a timely and disciplined manner.

A motivated learner finds it simpler to finish the necessary learning tasks when they are focused. Therefore, motivating oneself to study proves to be helpful in order to build the power to concentrate during the entire learning process.

There are two kind of motivations:

Intrinsic – also known as self-motivation, arises when you come up with techniques to assist you in your desire to excel.
Extrinsic – this type of motivation is provided by others, such as your family, teacher, friends etc.

However, intrinsic motivation is more powerful when it comes to help you with studying, so through self-motivation you can easily enhance your possibility to succeed.

Here are few effective techniques that can help you in motivating yourself to study for exams:

10 Valuable Techniques For Motivating Yourself to Study for Exams

1) Plan your schedules:

Prepare a timetable that includes your study time, play time, revision time, break time etc. You need to give yourself some time to adjust to this schedule which means you should start following the timetable minimum ten days before the exam.

2) Keep small targets:

It is essential that you keep small targets example, study one chapter in an hour rather than 5 chapters in five hours. If you complete one chapter within the scheduled time then it will motivate you to complete the next chapter. Take a ten minutes break after studying each chapter to relax and refresh your mind to be motivated to taken on the other chapters.

3) Enjoy your studies:

Enjoy what you learn; that is the best form of self motivation. Watch documentary films that pertain to your History, Geography, Science and Mathematics lessons. There are various television channels that can help you to learn more and that too in an interesting and engrossing way. You can also watch these documentaries on the channel websites. Thereafter, once you study from the books, you will be able to relate it with the documentary films which will make your studies not of easy but also enjoyable.

4) Study with other studious classmates:

Peer pressure can be an excellent motivating factor. When you are studying difficult lessons, having a company around relieves the dullness. Also, each of you can volunteer to teach one subject to the other and conduct a quiz. This will help to gain a good hold over the subject. Try to take up a different subject every week. Also, schoolwork with classmates can help to track the advancement of your study. The encouraging influence of diligent classmates will motivate and inspiring you to study.

5) Challenge yourself:

Challenge yourself to beat your own records. Give mock tests based on questions from each chapter and for every attempt try and beat your own previous scores. Success is a good form of motivation and through these mock tests when you experience success, you will be encouraged to outclass all your earlier records. Also, dedicate more time to try and finish the difficult subjects first, then moving on to the easier subjects will be like a cake-walk.

6) Speed reading:

Adopt the technique to speed read by scanning through the pages quickly while noting the main points, then re-read the pages a little slowly. Your mind can easily pick up the important points which will help you to finish studying your lessons very fast.

7) Aim for your goals:

You may aspire to be an engineer, doctor, banker etc. However, understand that all these professions require you to be well-educated and proficient. There would be times when you wander away from your aim. To prevent that from happening, put up newspaper cuttings on a soft-board in your room that are relevant to what you are aiming to be in your life.

10 Valuable Techniques For Motivating Yourself to Study for Exams

Example: if you are studying to a scientist then gather all the news articles that speak of the achievements in the field of science and technology. These articles will act as a tonic to motivate you to study.

Additionally, frame and place all your academic certificates on your study table. Every time you see the certificates, you will surely feel motivated.

8)Visualize your future:

Visualizing yourself in the future is a simple tactic that can assist you to remain focused on your goal. For instance, visualize that you have scored the highest marks and your parents and teachers are congratulating and praising you. Visualization can have a tremendous motivating effect on you.

9) Treat yourself:

Treat yourself with a small award after you finish the learning target for the day. The awards can be in any form such as a prolonged break or watching your favorite television show etc. You can also listen to music during your breaks. Music is a fantastic mode to arouse your optimistic emotions. It also energizes and refreshes your mind which contributes to boost your motivation and helps you to go on with your studies.

10) Avoid stress:

Sleep for around eight hours every day. A tired and stressed mind can defeat the motivation aspect and distract you. Therefore, be relaxed and well rested before commencing your daily studies. Also, study when you feel comfortable i.e. in the early morning or evening or at night as you tend to retain more information when your mind is in an active state.

These are the effectual learning techniques you can adopt for motivating yourself to study for exams. These tips are not only beneficial for the school students but also for the college going students.